This was At Risk, as it was shown for the Showcase on March 1st (Although, it was on a larger HDMI monitor that did not cut anything off due to lack of screen space). I got into Meta (my fourth year show) based on my datavis.

Artist Statement for At Risk

Imagine that the entire asian continent is one massive graveyard devoid of all humans, taking over half of humanityʼs population of seven billion people with it. Now imagine that when your grandchildren are born, they will be the last generation of humans to ever walk this earth.

This is the future that over thirty-six percent of mammals on this planet face.

My piece, At Risk, will address this concern. At Risk is a data visualization of 1805 species of mammals catalogued by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that are in danger of becoming extinct, or are in danger of suffering unrecoverable population losses. Using data-mining and parsing techniques, I have extracted all species and inserted them into a programmed visualization that allows a user to explore it through the use of a touch-sensitive trackpad. A user can manipulate data through a graphical user interface (GUI), which will allow the user to examine large datasets with ease; each animal is sorted based on its taxonomic order, and is therefore grouped with similar animals. A user can choose to view all at risk animals, or narrow down the scope to a single category of risk. The scope of exploration can be narrowed further; a user can hover over a species, which reveals the species name. Tapping on a species will bring up a pop-up that details the full taxonomy of that particular species, its common name, conservation status, and population trend.

Through the marriage of these interactive data visualization techniques and a touch-sensitive interface, users will be able to draw their own connections about the futures that 1805 species on our planet face, hopefully garnering feelings of concern that will blossom into actions of compassion, environmental stewardship, and most importantly, awareness.